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130 million years of gradual speciation had resulted in a pair of long slender cuckoo legs that is covered with gorgeous fair smooth skin instead of scales found in other bird or bird-like species. This gives the animal a huge evolutionary advantage over a pair of stupid scaly legs. That would allows her to attract more horny male species resulting in higher number of nesting cycles, hence more offspring, especially horny female chicks..the more the better

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Foreign currency can easily be exchanged for Thai baht at the many exchange booths which can be found in all areas popular with tourists — there are even mobile exchanges/ATMs in specially adapted minivans that are set up as and when and where the need arises. Note that the majority of exchange booths will buy foreign currency but will not sell it. If you need to obtain US dollars, for example if you're going to Cambodia, use one of the larger branches of a major bank, such as the Bangkok Bank branch on Second Rd (almost opposite Soi 6).

For long time it’s twice. Usually twice that is. Assuming the bar girl actually stays from night to dawn. In that case you’ll get one go before sleep and the other when you wake up before she leaves in the morning. There are girls who will skip out on the second go. So if you’re a  smart man you should finalize your deal before paying that bar fine.

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Many Internet cafés and photo-processing shops have facilities for off-loading digital photos from memory cards and burning them to a CD, for which the going rate is 100 baht per CD. As always, carefully verify the integrity of the images on the CD before re-formatting the memory card, and consider having two copies burned to CD — one CD to send home by mail, the other CD to take home in your luggage as a backup.
Songkran. Mid-April. Songkhran is the Thai New Year, celebrated primarily by everyone throwing prodigious quantities of water at anything that moves. Pattaya officially celebrates Songkran on later dates (April 18-19) than most of the rest of the country (April 13-15) - but in reality the fun just starts early and keeps on going that much longer. During this period many hotels and guest houses have high occupancy levels, and public transport services (especially buses to/from Bangkok) are very busy, with more frequent than normal departures but also with appreciable delays due to the general mayhem on the roads. Songkran in Pattaya follows the same overall pattern as seen elsewhere in Thailand, but is especially vigorous in areas such as Soi 7 and Soi 8. Expect to get very wet indeed and you're unlikely to be disappointed - regardless of where you go or what else you actually plan to do. Although things calm down considerably after dusk, it's still worth keeping anything that could easily be damaged (especially cameras, mobile telephones, passports etc) in plastic bags.  edit
Cinemas in Thailand tend to be severely air conditioned - bring a long sleeve shirt, or jacket, or both! Otherwise, the four large mall cinemas in Pattaya are mostly up to Western standards. Some (but by no means all) Thai-language films are subtitled in English (check the billing at the theatre) and some films will have both subtitled and non-subtitled showings. Visitors must stand up during the King's anthem.
Many Internet cafés and photo-processing shops have facilities for off-loading digital photos from memory cards and burning them to a CD, for which the going rate is 100 baht per CD. As always, carefully verify the integrity of the images on the CD before re-formatting the memory card, and consider having two copies burned to CD — one CD to send home by mail, the other CD to take home in your luggage as a backup.
Pregnancy Yoga (Prenatal classes), Thepprasit, soi 12, 315/327 (Not far from Thappraya/Thepprasit junction, 500 m from FoodMart), ☎ +66944160889, [13]. 8am - 8pm. Yoga for pregnancy in Pattaya, Thailand Prenatal classes is very beneficial for pregnant women. Here you will learn how to breathe and relax. Yoga for pregnancy is the way to painless childbirth. The prenatal classes is in English. Hope to see all the beautiful future mommies in our bright place! 300-500 THB. (,1- 1,5 hour) edit

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Popular activities include golf (19 golf courses within 40 minutes of Pattaya[27]), go-kart racing, and visiting different theme parks and zoos such as the Elephant Village, where demonstrations of training methods and ancient ceremonial re-enactments are performed daily. The private Sri Racha Tiger Zoo features tigers, crocodiles, and other animals in daily shows. The Vimantaitalay tourist submarine offers 30-minute trips underwater to see corals and marine life just a few kilometres offshore. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, about 15 kilometres south of Pattaya, is a 500-acre (2.0 km2) botanical garden and orchid nursery where cultural shows with trained chimpanzees and elephants are presented. The park also keeps several tigers and an assortment of birds.
Despite its modest size, Murphy’s Law is probably the most iconic bar on Soi LK Metro, which is doubtless because of its larger-than-life owner, Steve. He has now opened a second bar of the same name in East Pattaya, which is just as popular as this one. Murphy’s Law has great craic, cheap beers (local beers for 65 baht, imported beers for 75 baht and various stouts and ciders available) and even a couple of cheap guesthouse rooms upstairs.

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Flat fares only apply when operating as a bus. Beware the driver of an otherwise empty songthaew, especially one that's parked at the roadside, who might presume that you want to charter a taxi, in which case expect a much higher fare of 100 baht or more, depending on your negotiating skills. Taxis in Pattaya do not use the metres at all, and unless you can speak Thai, start at 150 baht and up.

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Yoga (Yoga in Pattaya), Thappasit soi 12 (Thappasit soi 12), [12]. 8am-8pm. Yoga Pattaya - A centre of excellence for authentic yoga practice. Highly qualified, world-class instructors, teaching small, intimate groups and private sessions. Classes available in English, Russian language. offer a wide variety of styles of Yoga and classes for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners, including : Ashtanga Yoga, Stretching Yoga, Mysore-Style, Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyassa Yoga, Vinyassa Flow Yoga, Fitness Yoga. 300. (,1-1,5 hour) edit
Bar fines are non-negotiable. However, the rates for sex is between you and the bar girl only. Don’t be afraid to talk about price. It’s quite normal and bar girls are used to it. Even if you keep low balling the price the girls usually smile on but I wouldn’t push it too far. Just remember minimum rate for a bar girls time is at least 1500THB. Yes, you can try and negotiate the price down. It will often work with the least attractive girls in a bar. But with young and attractive lookers there is no room for haggling the price down.

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Many of the venues have special shows with which to distinguish themselves from the norm, these shows are well worth watching. Most are professional dancers, acrobats and performers. One of the most famous shows is at Angel Witch Agogo, which has several show times each evening. Get there 20 mins before the show starts to guarantee a seat as the place fills up quickly. 

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