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Drink prices inside the Agogo’s varies from venue to venue, but most are reasonably priced when you consider the entertainment you get on top of your drink. Princes range from 80thb for draft, up to 150thb for a bottle of beer. In all venues you will be given a running total of what you’ve spent so far every time you order a drink. This is a great way to keep an eye on your bill and ensure no nasty surprises when it comes to time to leave.
In November 2018, the Pattaya City Council approved 188 million baht for the repair of its six wastewater treatment plants. Installed in 2000, the plants can accommodate 65,000 m3 of wastewater per day. More than a third of plant equipment was found to be 40–50 percent worn out. The system treats waste from a 36 km2 portion of Pattaya, or 68 percent of its urban area. Earlier plans to increase treatment capacity to 135,000 m3 were never implemented and existing plants were allowed to fall into disrepair. Pattaya uses more than 200,000 m3 of water a day, but claims to only discharge about 70,000 m3 a day. The discrepancy is unexplained. Once treated, there are no tests to measure water quality before it is dumped back into the sea, which may account for foul water discharges.[16]
A passenger-only ferry service from Pattaya to Hua Hin began operation on 12 January 2017 and is operated by Royal Passenger Liner.[23] By road, the journey takes five to six hours. The ferry shortens travel time to about two hours, subject to sea conditions. The ferry cruises at 27 knots on the 113 km journey across the Gulf of Thailand with a maximum passenger capacity of 150 persons. Larger ferries carrying up to 260 people may be added to the service later. Ferries capable of carrying vehicles are projected for 2020.[24] In November 2018, Hua Hin deputy chief Chareewat Phramanee confirmed the ferry service, suspended due to low tourist numbers during low season, would be up and running again for high season between Hua Hin and Pattaya, a 2.5-hour journey for 1,250 Thai Bhat on a catamaran with a maximum capacity of 340.[25]

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Siladon Spa Pattaya (Relaxation for body and mind), 285/52 Moo 5, Naklua 16, Naklua, Bang Lamung (on the right side of Naklua 16 coming from Pattaya-Naklua road, next to The Radiance hotel), ☎ +66 38 22 52 68, [22]. 10-22. Professional day spa in Pattaya set in a single house surrounded by beautiful gardens. Specializes in offering spa packages for 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours and 5 hours, including massage and other spa treatments. Also has branches in Bangkok and Phuket.  edit

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Pattaya is at the center of Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Investments totaling more than 1.5 trillion baht (US$45 billion) are flowing into EEC infrastructure projects: airports, deep-sea ports, high-speed railways, autoroutes. The result will enhance Pattaya's accessibility. According to the Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) the EEC investments, the U-Tapao International Airport and the high-speed train that will link three major airports to Pattaya, will make Pattaya the heart of the eastern region. The TCC view is that, "Plenty of attractions...will lure lots more foreign and domestic tourists in the future." Better connectivity will reduce both the cost and time to travel to Pattaya, with the TCC estimating the number of tourists visiting the EEC region to rise to 46.7 million over the next few years, one and half times the current 29.8 million visitors. Pattaya projects include developing a tram in the city and building a bigger cruise terminal, as well as new tourist attractions: a water park, an ice dome, cultural markets, Thai boxing gyms, theaters, and conference halls. All are under development. "We aimed to get rid of the previous [seedy] image of Pattaya and try to promote a new image to show that Pattaya is a place for everyone with diversity of new tourist attractions," said an official of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). He said that the EEC would make Pattaya more competitive compared with other popular Thai beach destinations such as Phuket and Ko Samui, with cheaper transport costs.[17]
In the U.S. in 2009, federal and state agencies began increasing their oversight of freelancers and other workers whom employers classify as independent contractors. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)[35] recommended that the Secretary of Labor have its Wage and Hour Division "focus on misclassification of employees as independent contractors during targeted investigations." The increased regulation is meant to ensure workers are treated fairly and that companies are not misclassifying workers as independent contractors to avoid paying appropriate employment taxes and contributions to workers' compensation and unemployment compensation.

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Soi Buakhao is increasingly known as the new Walking Street. Running all the way from Pattaya Klang to Pattaya South Road, the narrow road is somewhat less family-friendly than its more famous predecessor – which is saying something. It attracts an older audience, so has fewer high energy night clubs. Instead, it has more beer bars, ladyboy bars and go-go bars than anywhere else in the city. Notable off-shoots include Action Street (where every single bar is a ladyboy bar) and Soi LK Metro (where the same can nearly be said about go-go bars, but there are also a few highly-regarded sports bars). is my favorite freelance platform. I love the functionality, the support and the strong workflow element, particularly the SafePay feature which makes the transfer of funds so easy. I love the integration with PayPal and the ability to amend agreements, with all steps communicated to and actioned by both sides. Of all the freelance platforms I have used, Guru is by far my favorite.
MK Restaurant has locations in various malls including Central Festival (Big C). A chain of restaurants whose jingle translates as "Eat what? Eat what? Eat what? Go eat MK!" (it loses something in the translation) and that's just what you should do. Here you'll get to boil raw ingredients right at your own table with your own utensils. And don't worry about putting those chopsticks in your mouth after touching that raw chicken, just dip them in the boiling water for a few moments.

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The airport bus service, not very well advertised, from Suvarnabhumi Airport, is brand new, as are the buses. Direct from the airport, and terminating at Jomtien Beach Rd & Soi Chiaproek, it costs 112 baht. Currently 5 return trips either way per day. You won't get too much info on this service, as it is not a private company, it is run by government employees, and you will be directed to the taxis and mini-buses, by the touts at the airport. Upon arrival at Jomtien, (1 hour or so) there are many guest houses,and hotels, prices vary from 550 baht,(Maggie Mays) to 3,500 baht (Nusa Playa). From cheap and cheerful to luxurious.

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The Cartoon Network Amazone is a water park near the navy base golf course that was opened in late 2014. It has a Cartoon Network theme. The park includes different zones where different water slides can be seen. There is also a wave pool and surfing simulator that anyone can use, and the largest water playground in south-east Asia, which also includes two tipping buckets. A food court was opened later in 2014, and includes a large variety of cuisines, from traditional Thai food to Italian and Japanese food. Small huts are available for rent around the park. Yearly passes are available for those who wish to come there often and easily walk into the park. Several stores and gift shops are still under construction and are projected to be finished by late 2015.[28]
I suggest that you join online dating sites two weeks before you travel to the Philippines. Start networking with Filipina women and tell them that you are visiting the country. Invite them for a food or drink when you arrive and see who will show up. Most likely, majority of them will show up in your room and make your stay in the Philippines warm and unforgettable. 

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Apart from a handful of privately operated examples, Pattaya has no tuk-tuks and most ad hoc local transport is undertaken by a flotilla of over 700 dark blue coloured songthaews, pickup trucks converted to buses, also called Baht Buses. The fare is 10 baht for trips within (and between) Pattaya and Jomtien, for locals and foreigners. Having the correct change is by no means essential, but does keep the potential hassle factor to a minimum. In the past, dual pricing applied (technically 5 baht base fare, but generally only applied to locals, with a 10 baht fare for foreigners) and some drivers will shortchange you on a 20 baht note if you don't act like you know what you're doing, but most will return 10 baht. Avoid asking destination when using songthaew, as many drivers will charge 100-200 baht and treat you like a taxi. If you know the direction, it's recommended to just ride the songthaew without asking for a destination. That way you will just pay 10 baht per person no matter how far you go.

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Royal Cliff Hotels Group. 353 Phra Tamnuk Rd, tel. +66 38 250 421 [119]. Occupies a 64 acre estate along with a beautiful beach. This is the only resort in Thailand to be elevated to the TTG Travel Hall of Fame. The resort consists of four hotels each with its own style and ambiance. Alcohol can be very expensive but you can walk down the beach to the Cliff Club and the beach in front only a 4 minute walk from the Beach Terrace.
In a telling incident that the plight of bar girls persists, a 25-year-old woman tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link late Saturday night. She was rescued by fishermen and taken to KEM hospital, from where she was discharged around 2 am. Cops said she was driven to the extreme move after the bar she worked at shut last m...
Happy Home Thai Cooking School, 211/12 Moo 9, Pattaya Klang Soi 12, ☎ +66-84-417-5258, [27]. 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm. Since founded in 2007 Happy Home has been teaching people the joy and beauty of Thai cooking. You can come for just one class or complete an entire course lasting 7 days. From beginners to experienced chefs, you will learn the secrets behind good Thai food. 1000 Baht. (12° 56.154',100° 53.470') edit

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Shopping spree can be enjoyed in every big city in Thailand including Pattaya. There are shopping complexes, supermarkets, bazaar, night markets and thousands of smaller shops and stalls along the streets. There is an endless variety of goods and products such as clothes, accessories, decorative items, furniture, art, gem, jewelry, wood carving and souvenirs. IT and computer related products can also be found even though the price may not be very reasonable compared to those in Bangkok.

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There are scores of excellent spas in Pattaya, with some of the most popular being Siladon Spa Pattaya, Spa Silavadee, P.S. Spa, The Cliff Spa - Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Royal Garden Spa - Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa, Amburaya Spa - Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Devarana Spa - Dusit Thani Pattaya and Spa Cenvaree - Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya.
Pook is one of the top ladyboy bars in Pattaya and, while that would ordinarily place it on Soi 6/1, the place is so big that it stretches right through to Soi 6 itself. While named as a go-go, it doesn’t even have a front wall or door. Despite this and the fact that the 30 staff are all ladyboys, it remains one of the most popular places on the street. With four wide-screen televisions and three pool tables, it is a fun place to hang out and is known for its great parties.
Motorbikes can be rented without difficulty at countless locations in Pattaya, including many hotels and guesthouses, usually without having to produce a licence; however it's common for foreigners to be asked to deposit their passports as security (to avoid this, simply shop around until you find one of the many places that will accept a photocopy instead); cash deposits are also often required (1000 baht is not uncommon). Motorcycle rentals do not include insurance, and both motorcycling accidents and motorbike thefts are common. Some outlets have a third-party cover which covers you for medical attention. If motorbikes don't carry this insurance they are illegal and should not be entertained. One renter who has this cover is Nittayas who operates from Soi 12 Naklua.
The area known as Pattayaland is made up of two and a half streets at the very southern end of Beach Road, just before it becomes Walking Street, and it is the home to a mix of girlie bars and gay bars (though it is mostly the latter). Soi 13/3 is called Pattayaland Soi 1 and is home to X-Boys Pattaya Show and Cupidol Bar. A narrow alley about halfway down the street connects it to Soi 13/4 – Pattayaland Soi 2 – which is home to Cats A Go-Go and The Classroom Ago-go. Finally, Boyz Town (Pattayaland Soi 3) is formed by a loop of soi from Second Road to the middle of Soi 13/4 and contains Boys Boys Boys Nightclub and Copa Show Bar. This whole section of town can be very flamboyant and fun.

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