Mangoes Guest House, GPS Lat 12 47 33, Long 100 55 28 32, [93]- 15 km outside of Pattaya, on the road to Khao Chee Chan Buddha Image and close to the beaches and fishing villages of Ban Saray and Ban Amphur. Quiet laid back gardens with a choice of bungalow or room accommodation. All rooms have TV, air conditioning, fan, hot shower and tea making facilities. Long or short term availability. Rooms from 400 baht/night.
Jomtien Beach (หาดจอมเทียน) is a straight 6 km sandy beach located about 2 km from South Pattaya and 4 km from Pattaya City. It has been a spot for those who enjoy tranquility and would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment area. Despite the fact that property development of high-rise condominiums, hotels and resorts is burgeoning in this area, Jomtien beach is still peaceful...
Taxi fares from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya should be negotiated with the driver in advance. The official rate to Pattaya is 1050 baht with 60 baht in expressway surcharges, which and you should confirm before leaving the taxi rank. At quiet hours you may be able to negotiate downward. Passengers will be expected to pay the two tolls en route, at 30 baht each.
As such, advance predator such as this female cuckoo, which is designed to be predatory at that moment in the evolutionary history also changes her predatory instinct. She can then focus her energy into more mating cycles instead of wasting her resources to generate venom of such complexity to bite and kill fast running sexy preys which has became obsolete since. Instead of biting her victim to death she seduce them to die for her. This method only works on male prey items for obvious reasons. Concurrently, she also give up the idea of large prey predation and devote to eat something more manageable in size such as tiny worms and occasionally a Big Mac or 2.
Buddha Hill (เขาพระตำหนัก หรือ เขาพระบาท Khao Phra Tam Nak), (between Thap Praya Road and Phratamnak Road; 5-10 mins by songthaew). Buddha Hill is one of the highest points in Pattaya. At the summit is the biggest Buddha statue in Pattaya, and nearby is a beautiful Chinese-style sacred area dedicated to Confucius and Lao-zi. The next hill, just across the Phra Tam Nak Road, has the best Pattaya Bay coastline viewpoint and is also worth a visit, especially for sunset. The locals come here to pay homage to Wat Khao Phra Bat atop the hill and the monument of Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak, who is regarded as the founding father of the modern Thai navy.  edit

Pattaya is quite a big place, with a lot of variety available from one end to the other. There are certain things it is all but essential to know before you visit, such as how to get there from Bangkok, how to get around, what kind of weather you should expect, what special events you should look out for and what tricks and scams you need to avoid. We’re ready to arm you with all of that knowledge and more so that you can get around the city with all the confidence of a native.

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130 million years of gradual speciation had resulted in a pair of long slender cuckoo legs that is covered with gorgeous fair smooth skin instead of scales found in other bird or bird-like species. This gives the animal a huge evolutionary advantage over a pair of stupid scaly legs. That would allows her to attract more horny male species resulting in higher number of nesting cycles, hence more offspring, especially horny female chicks..the more the better
Tuk.Com (Com City), South Pattaya Rd. A new and predominantly IT mall. In the basement is a Tops supermarket, a food court, and various other (mostly clothes) shops as well as a spare parts department that sells a variety of electronic (e.g., transistors) and other parts (e.g. clothes washing machine lint filters), and the ground floor hosts an assortment of regular shops. However the upper floors are almost exclusively mobile phones (1st floor), computer software and MP3/video CDs (4th floor), and computers and handheld electronics (2nd/3rd/5th floors). Prices are significantly higher than in Bangkok though.  edit

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In Europe, the perceived disadvantages of being freelance have led the European Union to research the area, producing draft papers[citation needed] that would, if enforced, make it illegal for companies or organizations to employ freelancers directly, unless the freelancer was entitled to benefits such as pension contributions and holiday pay. In the UK, where the terms of integration into the EU have and are being hotly debated, this would lead to a significant reshaping of the way freelance work is dealt with and have a major impact on industry; employers would be required either to give freelancers the contractual rights of employees or employ only freelancers already being employed by agencies or other organizations granting them these rights. However, the White Papers that recommend such moves have not yet been adopted in the EU, and the potential impact on UK employment laws is being opposed by key UK organizations lobbying the government to negotiate over the acceptance of EU legislation in such areas.[citation needed] The legal definition of a sole trader requires that he/she must have more than one client or customer which promotes the freelancing ethos.
If considering renting a vehicle, bear in mind that traffic in Pattaya can seem very erratic by Western standards, and that driving on the left can be confusing not only for those who have previously only ever driven on the right, but also for those unfamiliar with the common Thai practice (even the police do this) of motorcycling alongside the kerb on the "oncoming" side of the road, or the wrong way up one-way streets. The latter problem is especially prevalent in the Pattaya Bay area, where the majority of the roads in the main tourism zones are one-way; and the northern section of Second Road requires great care as some treat the right-hand "bus" lane as oncoming, while others do not.

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Tim Bar Beer on Second Rd (opposite Soi 12) is an otherwise relatively run-of-the-mill go-go that plays nothing but DVDs, with a very strong bias towards live performances of rock'n'roll classics. Requests welcome. If in doubt, ask for Meatloaf's "Paradise By The Dashboard Light". Stage and screen come to life at 18:00 and keep going until at least 02:00 (closing hours not so strictly enforced here as it's not among a bunch of other bars), but get there early as it's a popular place and their army of dancers thins out with prodigious speed.

My friends that only sell drinks they typically are older and not as pretty as before so it’s hard for them to get the bar-fine. Also they usually have boyfriend in Philippines province and that’s why they are loyal. Most I know tell the foreigner that they only sell drinks, but they still bar-fine and hide it from him, because they need the money.

In 2013, the Freelancers Union estimated that 1 in 3 workers in the United States was self-employed (approximately 42 million), with more than four million (43%) of those self-employed workers as members of the creative class, a stratum of work specifically associated with freelance industries, such as knowledge workers, technologists, professional writers, artists, entertainers, and media workers.[13]

Tuk.Com (Com City), South Pattaya Rd. A new and predominantly IT mall. In the basement is a Tops supermarket, a food court, and various other (mostly clothes) shops as well as a spare parts department that sells a variety of electronic (e.g., transistors) and other parts (e.g. clothes washing machine lint filters), and the ground floor hosts an assortment of regular shops. However the upper floors are almost exclusively mobile phones (1st floor), computer software and MP3/video CDs (4th floor), and computers and handheld electronics (2nd/3rd/5th floors). Prices are significantly higher than in Bangkok though.  edit

Is it illegal to sell vape juice

Silverlake Winery Pattaya- the first famous and only vineyard in the East of Thailand. There are beautiful view for photo and drama shooting. Grape and vine products are also sell and it plenty of the colorful flowers. Silverlake becomes popular owing to spectacular natural views. Visitors, they can relax with colorful of flowers, what’s more the activity that attract visitors are riding an ATV, horse-drawn carriage, Elephant, bicycle and look around the yard by a round trip by bus. Visitors can go there by a metered taxi, Songthaew or own car. For own car go on Sukhumvit Road to the Sattahip direction. Contact information +66-3893-8250.

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Observing this cuckoo in real time doing the real things is like travel back in time doing the fake things. The technological innovations that nature has put into this bird is simply mind blogging. Such example is the transformation of the black bill into a CBlips, the boob-like objects in disguise, the extraordinary butt, from rock to rocket, from wings to no wings to chicken wings, from feather to fair skin, from bird-eyes to human-like eyes, from bird smell to sexy smell, from scaly legs to sexy legs, from dinosaur to sexysaur last and not least the state-of-the-art Fart propulsion system. In order to fully digest all her natural wonders of evolution, he probably have to dissect this human-like cuckoo to have a detailed look of her from the inside, outside and backside. I’m sure he is able to unlock more secrets and unravel more mysteries about this cuckoo and for that matter evolution itself. I’m sure he would exclaim after a detailed analysis of this cuckoo …damn it, this thing is a super delight...and damn hot !

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While some hotels do not allow working girls to accompany guests to their rooms, the majority of hotels in Pattaya are used to (and even expect) it — though some "upmarket" hotels may charge a "joiner fee" for unregistered visitors as discouragement. In most hotels, security staff will keep hold of visitors' ID cards until they leave, to help protect the client from possible theft or assault, and to deter prostitutes under 20 years of age from entering the hotel. On leaving, staff will ask the girl if she had any complaints about the client.

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Working conditions vary both between and within countries; even within individual countries, conditions can vary widely between venues. For example, there is significant variation among establishments in Thailand's red-light district in Pattaya. Some bars employ relatively well-paid women who live outside the bar, while others employ lower-paid women who live at the bar.[citation needed]
There are two airport bus services[20] The 389 Bus airportpattayabus service connects Pattaya with Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). It uses modern, air-conditioned buses, and takes around ​1 1⁄2 hours to reach the airport. The trip from the airport (level 1 gate 8 at arrival hall) to the bus terminal in Pattaya, makes three stops at North, Central, and South Pattaya intersections before going to their last drop off point, the office on Thappraya road (near Jomtien). It can take longer if many hotel stops are negotiated along Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya.[21] The other bus service is the Bell Travel Service (Coach 36) which goes from the airport (Level 1 Between Gate 7 & 8) to the Pattaya Bell office at the North Pattaya Intersection, and then provides transfers to local hotels.[22]

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See above – another way to get people’s attention and get your work in as many places as possible. The other benefit to these sites is that you’ll get feedback from other designers, and potential clients, on your work. Feedback is crucial to improvement, so accept it openly! Also, browse the other designers on the site to get a feel for what kind of projects you like and what you may want to work on in the future.
The sheer range of choice available to diners in Pattaya is amazing, ranging from high-end haute cuisine to budget street snacks and covering everything in between. At each level, you can find Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, British, American, French, German, Arabic, Russian and many more national styles represented. You don’t have to dine at hotel restaurants to find the finest local and imported ingredients prepared by skilled and experienced chefs, with a great choice of reasonably-priced independent eateries to choose from. Even for the fussiest of palates, there is a place in Pattaya that’s perfect for you.
When his army arrived in the vicinity of what is now Pattaya, Phraya Tak encountered the troops of a local leader named Nai Klom, who tried to intercept him. When the two met face to face, Nai Klom was impressed by Phraya Tak's dignified manner and his army's strict discipline. He surrendered without a fight and joined his forces. The place the armies confronted each other was thereafter known as "Thap Phraya", which means the "army of the Phraya". This later became Pattaya, the name of the wind blowing from the south-west to the north-east at the beginning of the rainy season.

If speed and convenience don't matter, the ad-hoc option is to hop on virtually any bus on Sukhumvit Road. Going south, if it's a bus that terminates at Sattahip you'll have to swap buses or finish the journey by songtheaw; if it's going further east (e.g., Rayong, Chanthaburi, or Trat) it'll drop you off at the airport entrance as it goes by. Going north, wait for a bus that's going further than Sattahip and then you won't need to transfer. Alternatively, the white songtheaws that ply Sukhumvit Road between Pattaya and Sattahip charge just 20 baht.

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There are scores of excellent spas in Pattaya, with some of the most popular being Siladon Spa Pattaya, Spa Silavadee, P.S. Spa, The Cliff Spa - Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Royal Garden Spa - Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa, Amburaya Spa - Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Devarana Spa - Dusit Thani Pattaya and Spa Cenvaree - Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya.
I am an animator and have a team for that but it is pretty hard to find good clients on freelance websites. so they find good animation jobs for me? how does it work? they recommend us to clients or just they find job listings? anyway, after that we should get connected to those clients. does it mean I should make accounts everywhere? Thanks much 🙂
Motorcycle rentals are a very popular way to get around, but not the safest, especially in the case of visitors with limited previous experience of motorcycling and Eastern traffic habits, and even more so in Pattaya given the large number of motorcycle-mounted holidaymakers who seem hell-bent on a Darwin Award. Also note that a motorcyclist carrying a shoulder bag, and anything placed in the front basket of a motorcycle, makes an especially easy target for bag-snatchers. Also beware the "No Parking" signs; fines are typically 400-500 baht.
Freelance (sometimes spelled free-lance or free lance),[1] freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

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In 2016, the Freelancers Union estimated that 35% of the workforce in the United States was self-employed (approximately 55 million). This workforce earned an estimated $1 trillion from freelancing in 2016—a significant share of the U.S. economy.[14] In 2017, a study by MBO Partners estimated the total number of self-employed Americans aged 21 and above to be 40.9 million.[15]

U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport [75] (IATA: UTP | ICAO: VTBU | tel: +66 38 245 295), often known somewhat inaccurately as "Pattaya Airport", and abbreviated as "U-Tapao", is at Sattahip just off the main Sattahip-Chanthaburi (Sukhumvit) highway, 30 km south of Pattaya. Primarily a military facility, this small airport is the closest airport fielding commercial passenger flights, but mainly serves domestic flights. There are no commercial passenger flights connecting U-Tapao directly with Bangkok.

In July 2017 Pattaya Beach was fouled for a week by raw sewage that poured out of a storm drain. City officials blamed the incident on broken pumps and Pattaya's poorly maintained sewage-treatment plant. The environmental ministry declared it would step up enforcement of pollution laws and push Pattaya for better wastewater-treatment efficiency. According to the ministry, Pattaya has 1,047 identified sources of sewage and garbage pollution, the number increasing as the city grows.[14] The sea water along central Pattaya beaches is of poor quality even in the absence of sewage spills and "could endanger human and marine life", the regional environmental office has said. They deemed sea water quality near central Pattaya beaches as "poor" and deteriorating. They judged water quality near Na Klua in North Pattaya, South Pattaya, Ko Lan, and Jomtien Beach as "fairly good". The city has considered expanding two water management plants to increase capacity for better treatment of wastewater prior to discharge into the ocean. The water treatment plant in Soi Wat Nongyai after expansion would be able to treat around 130,000 cubic metres of waste water a day, up from 80,000 cubic metres at present.[15] The expansion was never implemented.[16]

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My friends that only sell drinks they typically are older and not as pretty as before so it’s hard for them to get the bar-fine. Also they usually have boyfriend in Philippines province and that’s why they are loyal. Most I know tell the foreigner that they only sell drinks, but they still bar-fine and hide it from him, because they need the money.
My wife was a compulsory girl in Top Hat 1992/8. All that meant was she was paid an extra 20p a day and she agreed to go with any customer. Mamasan would talk her up to the customers then introduce her and get her barfined. This made money for the bar and for her. It was voluntary and my wife liked it because she had a large extended family to keep.
A passenger-only ferry service from Pattaya to Hua Hin began operation on 12 January 2017 and is operated by Royal Passenger Liner.[23] By road, the journey takes five to six hours. The ferry shortens travel time to about two hours, subject to sea conditions. The ferry cruises at 27 knots on the 113 km journey across the Gulf of Thailand with a maximum passenger capacity of 150 persons. Larger ferries carrying up to 260 people may be added to the service later. Ferries capable of carrying vehicles are projected for 2020.[24] In November 2018, Hua Hin deputy chief Chareewat Phramanee confirmed the ferry service, suspended due to low tourist numbers during low season, would be up and running again for high season between Hua Hin and Pattaya, a 2.5-hour journey for 1,250 Thai Bhat on a catamaran with a maximum capacity of 340.[25]

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The Ice Cube at V2O Cocktail Bar Pattaya is one of the cooler venues on Walking Street – literally. While most of the place is pretty well air-conditioned, the highlight is the titular Ice Cube, which is essentially a walk-in freezer chilled to -11°C. Fortunately, there’s an excellent selection of tasty flavoured vodka shots available to Read More...
The European Forum of Independent Professionals defines freelancers as: "a highly-skilled subset of self-employed workers, without employers nor employees, offering specialised services of an intellectual and knowledge-based nature". Independent professionals work on a flexible basis in a range of creative, managerial, scientific and technical occupations; they are not a homogeneous group and as such, they cannot be considered or investigated as a whole. They are generally characterised by a large portion of autonomy, a high labour productivity, knowledge intensive performance, social commitment and a large dose of entrepreneurship and specialisation.

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Travel agencies (ubiquitous throughout Pattaya) plus many hotels/guesthouses sell minibus tickets, and tourist-oriented services such as these invariably include collection from your hotel/guesthouse/wherever (allow extra time for this. Times quoted above are approximate transit times and make no allowance for the vagaries of the collection process).
Being the biggest and most popular resort town near to Bangkok, Pattaya has a huge amount of variety in terms of what you can see and do. There are plenty of great sights to see and an organised tour can help you to see as many of them as possible and to learn more about each than you would if you tried to see them all on your own. For those who like their sports and activities, Pattaya has first-class facilities for golfing, sailing, scuba diving and plenty more. There is certainly no reason why you should ever get bored.

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If you visit the Philippines, you will find them in nightclubs, disco bars, and girly bars. Certain bars and discos are packed with Filipina bar girls. For instance, High Society in Angeles City or J-Ave in Cebu are rich with bar girls. In fact, you can pretty assume that everyone there are bar girls. Aside from these areas, Manila is also popular with go-go bars and bar girls.
Many periodicals and newspapers offer the option of ghost signing, when a freelance writer signs with an editor but their name is not listed on the byline of their article(s). This allows the writer to receive benefits while still being classified as a freelancer, and independent of any set organization. In some countries this can lead to taxation issues (e.g., so-called IR35 violations in the UK). Ghost signing has little bearing on whether a writer is a freelancer or employee in the US.
FiringSquad said Freelancer's multiplayer mode encapsulated the "best and worst of [the game] in a nutshell": although players can move their characters anywhere, group with others for missions, and trade ships and equipment, they have very little else to do in the unchanging virtual galaxy.[3] Despite these limitations, Stratos Group said the joy of playing with real-life counterparts is a positive factor; the NPC pilots are so inept that human-controlled pilots outperform them most of the time.[58] However, as the missions are practically the same, IGN and questioned the point of playing them repeatedly with friends.[6][52] Furthermore, IGN thought it was meaningless to amass wealth and higher-grade equipment when they cannot be transferred to other servers. The lack of substance and repetitiveness led the gaming site to wonder how long Freelancer can be viable as a commercial multiplayer product.[6] Whereas massively multiplayer online games such as EverQuest have thousands of players in a vast playing area, Freelancer can accommodate only up to 128; the loneliness of playing in such a sparsely populated virtual world gave UGO concern as well over the longevity of Freelancer's multiplayer mode.[17]

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Other attractions in Pattaya include the Million Years Stone Park, Pattaya Crocodile Farm, Pattaya Park Beach Resort Water Park, Funny Land Amusement Park, Siriporn Orchid Farm, Silverlake Winery, Underwater World Pattaya, the Thai Alangkarn Theater Pattaya (cultural show), Bottle Art Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, and Underwater World, an aquarium with a collection of marine species from the Gulf of Thailand including sharks and stingrays. Khao Pratamnak or Khao Phra Bat is a small hill between south Pattaya and Jomtien Beach that provides a panoramic view of the city and its crescent bay. The hill is topped by Wat Khao Phra Bat, a temple, and the monument of Kromluang Chomphonkhetudomsak, who is regarded as the founding father of the modern Thai navy.

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Apart from water sports and nightlife, Pattaya offers endless possibilities when it comes to accommodation and entertainment. It has outgrown its image as a seedy beach town to a destination for a wider audience; whether couples, families or business travellers, Pattaya has something for everyone. Only 147km from Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest of Thailand's major beach resorts to the capital city. Not convinced yet? See our 10 Must See and Do list.
Jasmine Hotel Pattaya, 547/34 M.10. Soi BJ Walking St tel. +6638-424590 / +6638-412102, ([email protected] )[91]. Tranquil, newly refurbished with 62+ tiled rooms, air conditioning and fans. Room facilities include hot water, cooking facilities, fridge with beverages, and satellite TV (55 Channels) and WiFi. Room rates from 700 baht, with a substantial discount for long-term guests.
It’s difficult to tell exactly what the name of this bar is supposed to be since the impressive sign on the door actually reads “Pandors”. However, once you get past that, you find a very good bar with friendly staff and a very narrow main stage. The bar was originally a coyote bar when it opened in October 2015 but converted to a go-go a few months later, but without expanding in size, making it one of the smaller venues on Soi LK Metro. However, it also retained impressive drinks prices, including large draught beers from 65 baht, draught cider from 90 baht and bottled beer at 120 baht.
Noys Hotel, soi 4 Jomtien pattaya, ☎ 038236114; +(66)38126114 ([email protected]), [45]. affordable rooms, similar to apartments. with full furniture only 50 meters from the beach ,free wifi, lockers, towels, bar and and Western cuisine restaurant, renowned for the quality of its service and food. from 750 baht per night and 18000 bath/Months.  edit

The city (mueang) had 320,262 people resident and counted on census 2010 (National Statistics Office).[5] Most of these people counted are Thai, with most migrant populations not recognized, although the details are quite complex as there are even indigenous Thais without nationality, and migrant workers have since been largely regularized (albeit with due foreign pressure). Therefore, the census population even does not represent the total figure. As for Thai nationals and legal permanent residents (very few) registering the city as their hometown, the provincial authority logged population was 107,944 in 2010, modestly rising to 118,511 by 2017.[6] As with the Bangkok Metropolitan Region, registered population figure issued by a different agency than the National Statistics Office hardly captures the scope of the urban transformation that has occurred over the time span — the economy is dependent on the large numbers of casual Thai workers who work in the city yet remain registered in their hometowns, there is much employment turnover and to and from the capital, as well as seasonal farm migration. Migrant workers from neighboring nations, and many long-term expatriates who reside in the city as retirees or self-employed or contracted are traditionally not counted. There has never been a reliably published figure for total population, but its thought to be quite large (on the order of half a million people) given the ubiquity and sheer number of migrant workers taking place of Thai labor. Pattaya city excludes some nearby areas like Nong Prue (73,901 people in 2010 census) and Huay Yai.
Mamta Jha (36) was aware of her husband's 'innumerable' extra-marital affairs and his habit of bringing his paramours home after work.But yesterday morning she woke up to her nightmare she caught her man in a compromising position with another woman at their home.Unable to cope with her husband's infidelity, Mamta, mother of a 15-year-old boy, jump...
The plot of Freelancer's single-player campaign is illustrated with two hours worth of in-game cutscenes.[19] The story is linear in structure—the player is unable to effect a different storyline—and broken down into stages. Cutscenes inform players of background events and the goals in a stage. Most stages have no time limits for their completion, and players can put the main story on hold while taking on missions (jobs) not crucial to it.[5][12] However, players can only proceed to other regions of the Sirius sector, where more advanced ships, weaponry, and equipment are obtained, after completing missions that advance the story. Some stages are not introduced until the character has achieved a certain level (based on total worth accumulated), and it is not possible to gain sufficient levels just through the story itself, so players must spend at least some time on side missions to gain money to advance to the level required for the next stage of the story. This is also necessary as some stages would be too tough with only the money and items collected in the story.[10]

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It’s difficult to tell exactly what the name of this bar is supposed to be since the impressive sign on the door actually reads “Pandors”. However, once you get past that, you find a very good bar with friendly staff and a very narrow main stage. The bar was originally a coyote bar when it opened in October 2015 but converted to a go-go a few months later, but without expanding in size, making it one of the smaller venues on Soi LK Metro. However, it also retained impressive drinks prices, including large draught beers from 65 baht, draught cider from 90 baht and bottled beer at 120 baht.
Also connecting Beach Road and Second Road are a large number of smaller streets or "sois". The main sois are numbered from 1 to 16, from north to south. Sois 1-6 are between North Pattaya Road and Central Pattaya Road; sois 7-13 are between Central Pattaya Road and South Pattaya Road (including the "Pattayaland" sois, immediately north of South Pattaya Road); sois 14-16 are south of South Pattaya Road. Most of these east-west sois are (in theory at least) one-way.
Three Kingdoms Theme Park (อุทยานสามก๊ก), 100 Moo 9, Tambon Pong (adjacent to Horseshoe Point, 20 minutes from Pattaya), ☎ +66 38 421-428(-9), [8]. 10:00-17:00 daily. This is a Chinese-style garden filled with pagodas, murals and figures from the Chinese epic San Guo Zhi, and more an expression of filial piety than a theme park. Perhaps worth a quick look on a slow day, but unlikely to offer much to visitors not familiar with the story. 150 baht/adults, 80 baht/children.  edit
Naklua Beach is a slice of ‘real’ Thailand in a city that often looks anything but. The beach is shared with the local fisherman, who you can see throughout the day plying their trade in the water or on the dock, and the horizon is dotted with the sight of fishing traps. There’s a sandy beach to enjoy, and less in terms of watersports activities, meaning it’s a great place to go for a swim and enjoy the more rustic scenery from the water.
There are plenty of things to do in Pattaya, ensuring that you are never likely to be bored, no matter what your interests include. The city is home to many unique attractions and sights, from one-of-a-kind water parks to giant Buddha images to weird and wonderful museums and galleries which completely defy expectation. It is not unusual to find places boasting that they are Thailand’s first, Asia’s biggest or the world’s only example of their kind, as well as other considerable claims to fame. In particular, the beautiful Sanctuary of Truth is among the best attractions in Pattaya and is quite unlike any temple in Thailand.
The nightlife/entertainment areas have a lot of activity and are generally very safe, however pickpockets are a problem, especially on Walking Street when it's crowded, despite the official Tourist Police patrolling the area at night. For this reason, a visitor should not carry a passport and/or credit card with them, especially at night. These should be left in the safe at your hotel along with the bulk of your cash, or if they must be carried then they should be securely concealed. If you have been pick pocketed and then you actually spot the likely pickpocket departing, do not follow. You could be mistaken, and you almost certainly will be accused of being mistaken. Just put it down to experience, and leave the immediate area.

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Pattaya is not only one of Thailand’s prime tourist destinations but also one of its leading medical tourism destinations, and is home to more than a dozen private and government-run hospitals. A myriad of choices, attractions, and options are available for those wanting to create a memorable medical holiday, and you would be hard-pressed to find a better place to relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate.
Skytop Guest House, 2nd Rd, near Soi 6, [98]. Australian-owned budget guest house with outdoor bar and Internet cafe, friendly English-speaking staff. Fast, reliable ADSL cable connection (not WiFi) in each room and safe. The guest house will provide you with CAT-cable to get access to Internet. Even if you don't have Ethernet connection on your laptop you can get access to the net if you have a WiFi router with you. CCTV security camera on every floor. Close to the infamous Soi 6, Alcazar Caberet Show and many restaurants and beer bars nearby. 450 baht per night small fan room (no window), 550 baht for air-con medium room (no window,) and 700 air-con large room.
If you have a smartphone or tablet, the GrabTaxi app informs you of taxis in the local area, and allows the drivers to see where you are, where you want to go, and bid for the fare and tip. It usually takes only a few minutes to fetch a taxi even in obscure places. If the driver does not understand your directions, the despatchers speak english and will sort it out by phone.

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