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Tuk.Com (Com City), South Pattaya Rd. A new and predominantly IT mall. In the basement is a Tops supermarket, a food court, and various other (mostly clothes) shops as well as a spare parts department that sells a variety of electronic (e.g., transistors) and other parts (e.g. clothes washing machine lint filters), and the ground floor hosts an assortment of regular shops. However the upper floors are almost exclusively mobile phones (1st floor), computer software and MP3/video CDs (4th floor), and computers and handheld electronics (2nd/3rd/5th floors). Prices are significantly higher than in Bangkok though.  edit
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Shopping spree can be enjoyed in every big city in Thailand including Pattaya. There are shopping complexes, supermarkets, bazaar, night markets and thousands of smaller shops and stalls along the streets. There is an endless variety of goods and products such as clothes, accessories, decorative items, furniture, art, gem, jewelry, wood carving and souvenirs. IT and computer related products can also be found even though the price may not be very reasonable compared to those in Bangkok.

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Skytop Guest House, 2nd Rd, near Soi 6, [98]. Australian-owned budget guest house with outdoor bar and Internet cafe, friendly English-speaking staff. Fast, reliable ADSL cable connection (not WiFi) in each room and safe. The guest house will provide you with CAT-cable to get access to Internet. Even if you don't have Ethernet connection on your laptop you can get access to the net if you have a WiFi router with you. CCTV security camera on every floor. Close to the infamous Soi 6, Alcazar Caberet Show and many restaurants and beer bars nearby. 450 baht per night small fan room (no window), 550 baht for air-con medium room (no window,) and 700 air-con large room.
There are many restaurants, food carts, food courts, food markets, motorcyle-sidecar hotdog and meatball vendors, fruit sellers both mobile and stationary, even a roaming coffee peddling tuk-tuk. OK, so the germ theory of disease doesn't yet seem to be widely accepted but don't let that stop you from ordering the sushi. Many (although not all) non-Thai-cuisine restaurants also have at least a limited menu of Thai favourites as well.
Spa and massage has been on 'to do list' when visiting Thailand thanks to the ancient knowledge of massage that has been heritaged over centuries and those that have been combined with more modern approches. The gentle nature of the Thais is unquestionable. Pattaya is one of the destinations that cater a various types of massage and spa. Treatments range from one-hour to a full day and it can be tailored to focus on one area or to be more holistic at competitive prices. Whether you prefer luxurious atmosphere in a hotel, in garden settings, beachfront surroundings or just modest massage shops, Pattaya has all to offer.

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